Chantix Depression Leads To Lawsuit

J. Cooper Carlisle | March 16th, 2011

One of the many Chantix side effects is depression. It is one of the most common reasons cited for filing a Chantix lawsuit. In many of these lawsuits it is alleged that Chantix depression escalates towards suicide ideation, suicide attempts or suicide. The severity of Chantix depression and suicide can be shocking; particularly when the speed of onset is considered. In some cases Chantix patients can undergo a major and abrupt mental about face within two days of starting treatment.

Chantix depression sometimes stops when use is stopped

Chantix depression, and other Chantix side effects like aggressive behavior and mood swings, can sometimes be completely eradicated simply by stopping Chantix treatment. In other cases, Chantix side effects remain constant even after the treatment is completed or stopped.

Differing theories on the cause of Chantix depression

The exact scientific cause of Chantix induced depression has not been identified, but theories abound:

  • The FDA suggested that one potential cause for Chantix depression and suicidal tendencies was that the drug did not contain nicotine, which could lead to symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, including depression. Most discount this theory due to the fact that during the first week of treatment patients are still smoking and have not decreased the nicotine in their system at all. Chantix depression symptoms often present within 2 days of treatment start indicating that the Chantix depression is related to the use of the drug rather than a decrease in the amount of nicotine available to the system.
  • Bipolar patients who have undergone Chantix treatment suggest that in individuals who already have a chemical imbalance, i.e. bipolar disorder, the dopamine receptor blocking abilities of the drug cause an even further imbalance initiating a depression or manic episode.
  • Still others suggest that the link between smoking and psychiatric disorders in general could be the basis behind the increasingly high number of Chantix depression related adverse events. They compare smoking to an anti-depressant drug and suggest that quitting smoking cold turkey with the aid of Chantix is similar to “quitting anti-depressant medication” cold turkey with the aid of Chantix.

Theories on the scientific cause behind Chantix depression will continue to be discussed and studied, but the fact of the matter is that scientists have yet to discover just what it is in the body that results in mental breaks such as: depression, suicide ideation, and suicide attempts.

Chantix warnings

The additional warnings required by the FDA were initiated strictly due to the number of individuals who presented with Chantix depression and other serious side effects including Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and Diabetes while on Chantix. The specific scientific process causing the presentation of these Chantix related mental changes is not known. But it is difficult to argue that over 10,000 reported adverse events for one drug in its first four years on the market is not a substantial risk to public safety. The alarming quantity and severity of these Chantix side effects have led to the filing of about 1200 civil cases against Chantix.