Suicide Attempts Put Chantix Psychological Side Effects in the Spotlight

Richard Burke | October 14th, 2011

After approximately 400 reported cases of suicidal thoughts or behavior, Chantix psychological side effects are now being taken very seriously by the public. Although the drug is also known to cause other adverse events like Chantix diabetes or a Chantix heart attack, suicides or suicidal tendencies are considered to be the worst of all side effects. Most Chantix lawsuits involve suicide cases or other psychological effects caused by the drug – and, so far, these claims bear the most weight in the courts. A review of the cases consolidated in multidistrict litigation (MDL) shows that most of them allege Chantix psychological side effects, such as suicidal thoughts or tendencies, aggressive behavior, rage, depression, and, at worst, suicides.

Other Chantix side effects

Other Chantix side effects, though not as prominent as Chantix psychological side effects, should also be considered. Many Chantix users report experiencing a Chantix heart attack as one severe side effect of the drug. Ironically, many smokers turn to Chantix in an effort to quit smoking and avoid cardiovascular problems, only to find out that the drug increases their chances of experiencing a Chantix heart attack. Since its release as a smoking cessation drug in 2006, Chantix has always stated that its use may lead to some side effects, but the high rate of suicide attempts and cardiovascular side effects associated with the drug has put its manufacturer, Pfizer, in hot water.

Another side effect, Chantix diabetes, was reported as early as in 2006 – almost immediately after the drug’s release. Diabetic symptoms started to manifest in a number of Chantix users who never had a medical or family history of diabetes, leading the majority to conclude that the drug was causing them. Many of them also found out that their blood glucose levels had increased to dangerously high levels. Worse, Chantix diabetes symptoms did not recede even after cessation of drug use. Because of this, many Chantix users face a future riddled with diabetic problems like kidney failure, blindness, and loss of extremities due to circulation problems.

Chantix side effects in court

Although there is no question about the validity of lawsuits filed in relation to a heart attack or diabetes caused by Chantix, a stronger case can be built if an individual joins the MDL ordered to the Northern District of Alabama. At present, Chantix psychological side effects are the strongest argument against the drug since as the evidence is backed by the most scientific proof. Even Pfizer itself has admitted to the likelihood of mood altering side effects and vivid dreams for Chantix users.