Chantix Side Effects: Physical vs. Psychological

Irene Hobbs | December 5th, 2011

A Chantix side effects lawsuit may be filed by a Chantix lawyer on behalf of a patient who took the smoking cessation drug and experienced problems that can be broken down into two categories — physical and psychological.

Physical problems may prompt Chantix side effects lawsuit

An experienced Chantix lawyer can advise patients considering a Chantix side effects lawsuit that Chantix (varenicline) is known to cause physical side effects that include heart problems, heart attack, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and diabetes.

Though researchers are unsure as to why Chantix causes heart attack and aggravates conditions in cardiovascular patients, they have been able to link these issues to Chantix use. In fact, earlier this year, partly in response to the growing number of patients filing a Chantix side effects lawsuit with the help of a Chantix lawyer, the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) noted that Chantix users were 72 percent more likely to develop a heart disorder than those taking a placebo.

An individual and his or her Chantix lawyer may also file a Chantix side effects lawsuit if they are diagnosed with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome or diabetes. Stevens-Johnson Syndrome is a life threatening skin condition that can progress to what is known as Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis, which can cause the skin to die and peel off in sheets, exposing the patient to infection.

Individuals with no family history of diabetes have developed diabetes after taking Chantix. Though diabetes symptoms cease in come Chantix users after they finish taking the drug, it’s not uncommon for someone to contact a Chantix lawyer about filing a Chantix side effects lawsuit because of diabetes.

Chantix side effects lawsuit names emotional disorders

As many plaintiffs in a Chantix side effects lawsuit can report, the quit-smoking drug can cause aggression and depression, which can lead to Chantix suicide. These serious psychological side effects, all of which have formed the basis of a Chantix side effects lawsuit, have been reported since Chantix hit the market in 2006.

Over an 18-month period, the FDA received nearly 300 reports related to Chantix suicide and Chantix depression. These incidents were frequent enough and serious enough for the FDA to require a black box warning on the medication in 2009.

While it’s not entirely understood how the drug causes depression and Chantix suicide, these side effects have prompted many people to seek out a Chantix lawyer to explore the possibility of receiving compensation for their suffering and medical costs by filing a Chantix side effects lawsuit.

Chantix Lawyer can advise about a Chantix suicide case

A Chantix lawyer may be more likely to move forward with a Chantix side effects lawsuit in cases invloving Chantix suicide or suicide attempt, than in a case related to heart problems or diabetes. The FDA black box regarding Chantix suicide is an affirmation that the side effect is serious; the FDA has not required black box warnings about heart-related side effects.