Over 40 Plaintiffs File Chantix Side Effects Lawsuit in California

Irene Hobbs | March 8th, 2012

Rather than filing individual Chantix lawsuits, more than 40 people from around the nation filed a joint complaint against Pfizer in the Superior Court, Los Angeles County Central District on February 24, 2012. Plaintiffs in the case make claims for a variety of dangerous side effects, such as Chantix heart problems, and Chantix suicide.

As with other litigants who have filed Chantix lawsuits, the plaintiffs in Saul Frazier, Et Al. vs. Pfizer accuse the drug manufacturer of failing to properly test the smoking cessation drug Chantix before putting it on the market, and intentionally withholding important safety information from the public.

This is not the first time a large group of plaintiffs have chosen to avoid separate Chantix lawsuits in favor of filing a single case against Pfizer in California. On July 1, 2011, more than 80 people filed a lawsuit in the Superior Court of California, Los Angeles accusing the drug manufacturer of concealing side effects such as Chantix suicide impulses and violent behavior from the public.

Chantix heart problems among alleged side effects

After its release on the market in 2006, Pfizer heavily marketed the drug, allegedly omitting important information about serious side effects like Chantix heart problems from its advertisements.

Mild Chantix heart problems include shortness of breath, chest pain or pain in the legs while walking. Severe Chantix heart problems include heart attack, coronary revascularization and angina pectoris.

Side effects of the drug that have prompted Chantix lawsuits also include Chantix suicide and other psychological issues, such as aggressive behavior and depression. A 52-week study conducted between October 2003 and March 2005 revealed that 20 out of 251 Chantix patients experienced psychiatric disorders, while only three patients out of 126 taking placebos experienced a similar effect.

In November 2007, a preliminary Chantix assessment released by the FDA highlighted the link of suicide or attempted suicide to Chantix use. In July 2009, the FDA reported that 4,762 reports of serious psychiatric events were attributed to the drug, including Chantix suicide.

Chantix lawsuits allege failure to test

In Saul Frazier, et al. vs. Pfizer, plaintiffs say the company not only excluded certain populations from clinical trials but also intentionally ignored evaluations of depression, aggression, Chantix suicide and other psychological side effects that have formed the basis of a growing number of Chantix lawsuits.

In the complaint, plaintiffs say the company excluded individuals with a history of psychotic disorders from the study, making it impossible to determine if Chantix is safe for smokers with psychiatric illnesses.

Chantix lawsuits often address Pfizer’s alleged failure to properly test the drug before placing it on the market. Similar complaints have been issued regarding Chantix heart problems.