Pfizer Settles Second Chantix Lawsuit

Emma Gonzalez | January 24th, 2013

Chantix stopwatchThe most recent Chantix lawsuit news has Pfizer, the drug’s manufacturer, settling another complaint before it reached trial. According to a court order issued January 15, 2013, Billy G. Bedsole, Jr. and his Chantix lawyer reached an amicable settlement with the defendant. This is the second side effects lawsuit that Pfizer has settled out of court, though another 2,500 cases of alleged suicide and related effects have many calling for an immediate Chantix recall.

Plaintiff settles out of court for undisclosed amount

The case in question belongs to Billy G. Bedsole, Jr., who allegedly experienced suicidal thoughts and depressive behaviors after taking the smoking cessation drug. Bedsole was subsequently hospitalized in a psychological facility for these side effects. Had his lawsuit gone to trial on January 22, 2013, as scheduled, he would have been the first Chantix plaintiff to face off against Pfizer in court. The court order stated that the two parties had settled the case amicably, but did not disclose further details or settlement amount.

Chantix lawsuit news contemplates CEO testimony

Plaintiff Bedsole is not the first to settle with Pfizer. In October 2012, the manufacturer settled with the surviving family of Mark Whitely, who had committed suicide in 2007 after taking the drug. Additionally, though Pfizer’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and two other executives had attempted to avoid appearing live to testify during the trial, presiding Judge Johnson had refused their request. Ramping up for the Whitely trial, Chantix lawsuit news focused on the merits of the case and possible testimony from Pfizer execs – and how a jury decision could and would impact future outcomes of cases.

2,500 Chantix complaints filed against Pfizer

With this second out-of-court Chantix settlement, the next case slated for jury trial is scheduled for January 2013. The claim was filed by an Alabama man who allegedly experienced suicidal thoughts, mood swings, erratic behavior, depression and other psychological side effects after taking the medication. His Chantix lawyer has the chance to make history during this bellwether trial – unless it, too, settles before the first opening statement. An estimated 2,500 total cases are currently filed against Pfizer for side effects related to the manufacturer’s blockbuster smoking cessation drug.