A Letter from David Eisbrouch, Esq.

Chantix AttorneyAs a Chantix lawyer, I can tell you that most people- either through personal experience or by standing alongside a family member- know how hard it is to quit smoking.  So difficult in fact, that the idea of taking a pill that could make it easy seems unbelievable…  It turns out that Chantix is just that:  too good to be true.

Scores of phone calls pour in to our Chantix lawsuit phone number from victims desperately seeking an experienced Chantix lawyer, with horror stories of patients’ experiences while treating with this smoking cessation medication.  People are acting out of character, having mood swings and blackouts, assaulting members of their own family, harming themselves, and even committing suicide.  Such extreme, aggressive behavior is a far cry from the idea of wellness and personal improvement that inspired these same individuals to stop smoking in the first place.

Chantix or no Chantix- the public needs understand that this is no magic pill to rid smokers of their habit.  Chantix side effects are very real, very dangerous, and known to cause serious injury that can result in hospitalization.

A Chantix lawyer must understand the science behind the side effects, and work with a team of medical experts to properly represent clients injured by this dangerous drug.

It’s important to have an experienced Chantix attorney to represent you when you have a pharmaceutical injury.  Bakin & Eisbrouch are experienced Chantix lawyers and leaders in product liability and drug injury litigation nationwide.

We are currently evaluating claims from clients all over the country who have suffered these and other Chantix side effects.  Call our lawsuit telephone number 24 hours a day to learn how we can help you.

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