Can I join a Chantix class action lawsuit?

Right now Chantix lawsuits are being handled on an individual basis, rather than as a single Chantix class action lawsuit. Currently, there is no Chantix class action lawsuit.

A class action lawsuit is comprised of a large number of claimants seeking damages against a common Defendant. A Chantix class action lawsuit suit would bundle cases together granting a settlement to be split equally among individual class members. At the resolution of a class action, individual class members would receive a portion of the final Chantix settlement according to their injuries and other predetermined criteria.

Lawsuits consolidated in Multidistrict Litigation; Chantix MDL

Because Chantix causes such a wide range of side effects from depression and suicide to  diabetes- each case might be entitled to a different Chantix settlement amount depending on the long term effects suffered by the victim including medical costs, pain and suffering, inability to work, and the decrease in the victim’s overall quality of life.

Therefore, instead of proceeding with a Chantix class action, the courts continue to treat the claims brought by each victim of Chantix separately. With such a high volume of Chantix lawsuits now flooding the system, the courts consolidated the cases into multidistrict litigation in an effort to speed up the lengthy litigation process throughout the pretrial phase and ultimately encourage the makers of Chantix to stop fighting and start settling.

Chanitx multidistrict litigation, or Chantix MDL, was formed in October in 2010. A judicial panel (JPML) set the litigation in the Northern District of Alabama under the supervision of the Honorable Judge Inge Johnson.  The first bellwether trials in the Chantix MDL are tentatively set to occur sometime in 2012.

How to start a Chantix lawsuit

Individuals and family members affected by Chantix side effects are encouraged to seek the advice of a Chantix lawyer who may be able to initiate a Chantix lawsuit, either at the state level or as part of the federal Chantix MDL, on their behalf.