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More and more people decide to quit smoking conventional tobacco to switch to e-cigarettes,these-called vaping. The debate over whether this method is more or less healthy than the usual tobacco is intense and faces factions with arguments found, although in reality, in the end, all the theories come to say the same thing.

Let’s try to summarize the benefits and drawbacks of vape e-cigarettes in comparison with what tobacco offers. Is vaping really better than smoking? Is it worth quitting to go to vaping? And in the long run? Luckily, to answer this question there are already studies with enough travel to draw some conclusions on the health effects of e-cigarettes.

Vaping is more healthy than smoking, yes: but that doesn’t say much
Let’s go there: according to the evidence collected so far – the latest data we have found about it is from 2015 – smoking e-cigarettes is better than smoking regular cigarettes. So far there is no debate: if you have to choose between continuing to smoke your daily pack of tobacco versus leaving cigarettes to vape, then everyone will tell you that the second option is the smartest… of those two.

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Why is vaping if it’s more “healthy” than traditional smoking? Mainly because, being liquid nicotine what these cigarettes carry inside, it does not burn tar in the process. Tar is one of the most carcinogenic elements of cigarettes, and is not present when vaping, although there are other cancer-causing chemical elements, which is why WHO believes they are not much better.

However, there is a very important but. Although the chance of cancer may decrease, the same is not true of cardiovascular disease. One of the most negative effects of tobacco is the deterioration of the arteries, and that – at the very least – is maintained with vaping. That is, that quitting to move to electronics does not save you all the health risks that cigarettes pose in any of its variants.

In short: as far as we know right now, vaping is better than smoking for health, but it’s very much good or recommended. It still has enough chemical elements to cause the onset of cancer and also continues to increase the risk of heart attack and cardiovascular accidents. What’s a healthy thing? You’ll be imagining it.

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But it is proven to be a proven method of quitting smoking
There is also some evidence to prove that, to stop smoking, it is better to choose the minor evil of vaping. It’s true that you’re still exposed to carcinogenic chemicals and the risk of heart attack, but it can help you gradually unhook. In countries such as the UK, even the healthcare system encourages the use of e-cigarettes to quit smoking, and they have found that it works, though not always.

In 2015, 18,000 people have completely quit tobacco thanks to e-cigarettes, and that’s only in the UK. According to one study, using an e-cigarette to gradually reduce the dose of nicotine increases the chances of quitting by 60% compared to an attempt to quit suddenly.

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Concern rather than well-founded about its long-term effects
We have already clarified that vaping has its benefits, at least when compared to traditional tobacco. So why are health authorities suspicious of this form of “smoking?” For a number of reasons.

Above all, it has to do with the image that is transmitted, wrongly healthy or risk-free. Electronic cigarettes also cause cancer and are dangerous to health, no matter how much it does it to a lesser extent than normal tobacco.

Therefore, the risk is that the new generations see it as healthy or not so dangerous and end up getting hooked on a vice that would otherwise be beyond possibility. They may even end up smoking more by believing they’re not hurting the self. Therefore, it remains to say that the healthy thing is not to smoke or vape at all. From there, let everyone draw their conclusions.

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